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Aperturez goes alive!!

Here you go my first post, Aperturez goes alive!!.

Inspiration, once you let it in it unfolds just in front of your eyes. I started working on my website four months ago having in mind that I want something simple,well structured and catchy at the same time. I have done lot of research and checked youtube tutorials  in order to get myself into this realm of reality. I  spent  many hours searching, understanding how html, wordpress, php and css files orchestrate the whole bunch of things in the background….I found it amazingly strange how this language is written in html and you get a nice colored theme out of it;  a kind of magic linking all the components together.

Aperturez, I wanted to give my website a name related to  cameras and its personality if I may say; something common and well known by people  and there you go with Aperture.  But something was missing, a click sound or a certain kind of tone like   “Z” that makes a special sound with  a never ending edge.

Well, it’s simple I have my Home page, Portfolio, About me, and contact page.  You will find here and there some links on the side bar so  I will let you discover it.

The portfolio includes my photography work, it is linked  to my Smugmug account . I upload the new pictures on smugmug and it’s directly reflected in Apreturez portfolio page.  It’s a nice plugin in case you want to keep your work in a dedicated server for photography.

On my Blog, I will write some stuff that I like to share (pictures, news..). Every post will be linked to my facebook, twitter, linkedin and google plus page..…Isn’t that amazing!!, I like the way these plugins work to let you expand into your social networks.

I added my favorite Photographers who inspired me on the side bar of my blog, I really found it interesting and inspiring to share with you what they do and perform. Of course there are my facebook friends,  among them who speak the language of the universe that inspires me in a lot of occasions in my life.

I will let you discover the rest and enjoy an Aperturez journey!!! Don’t forget to join my facebook page  Aperturez – Mohamed R. Hassouna Photography

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