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As promised in my previous post, I will be posting new pictures taken during my venturing day in Downtown Beirut. I’ll leave you with the second batch of pictures, I hope  you will like it….          Foch street Abou Bakr mosque          Old Building          Le […]

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Here you go my second post, Venturing in Down Town Beirut. I waited a bit long to have my vacation in fall waiting for a painted transition between fall and winter, I found it pretty nice for my photography. You got these nice colors blended together with the passing clouds, sometime it turns dramatic but […]

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Here you go my first post, Aperturez goes alive!!. Inspiration, once you let it in it unfolds just in front of your eyes. I started working on my website four months ago having in mind that I want something simple,well structured and catchy at the same time. I have done lot of research and checked […]