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In my Angle: Downtown Beirut

Here you go my second post, Venturing in Down Town Beirut. I waited a bit long to have my vacation in fall waiting for a painted transition between fall and winter, I found it pretty nice for my photography. You got these nice colors blended together with the passing clouds, sometime it turns dramatic but it’s my favorite scene for HDR photography.

I packed up my gear for a photo walk in DT Beirut, a place that means a lot for me. You will find this place documented  by journalist and war photographers during the civil war. I’m lucky that I live nearby so I ventured there over days morning time and in the afternoon trying to capture the right moment and nature combination with our materialistic world.

Here are some pictures that I took during my photo walk.

Le Gray Downtown Beirut


The Martyrs’ Statue

 Mohamed Al Amin Mosque

 Reflections – Le Gray 

more to come…

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